OMNIMA Systems, Inc.

Leading Edge Software Solutions

OMNIMA Systems, Inc. is a leading design and development center specializing in execution of critical projects and development of high quality software products. OMNIMA Systems, Inc. specializes in the areas of World Wide Web, Internet/Intranet, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Graphical User Interfaces and Databases.

The strategy adopted by OMNIMA is to work as an extension to the client's capabilities, providing necessary expertise to complement the core strengths of the client. Using OMNIMA high quality products can be developed within the constraints of 'time to market' and in a cost effective manner. OMNIMA uses a wide range of leading edge technologies and project management skills to achieve the results.

What do we do?

* System Design

* Requirement Analysis
* Internet/Intranet solutions
* Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML / Design Patterns
* Graphical User Interface Design
* Internationalization / Localization
* Class Libraries and Reusable Components
* Databases
* Client/Server solutions

* Implementation

* Hardware Platforms
* SunSparc
* IBM RS6000
* HP 9000
* DECStation
* IBM PS/2
* Intel 80x86 machines

* Software Environment
* Use Case Analysis / Design Patterns, UML
* JavaBeans, Struts, JSP, Javascript
* J2EE / J2SE/ J2ME, Swing, JBuilder / Visual Cafe
* Extreme Programming / JUnit
* ClearCase / SCCS
* Purify / Quantify / JProbe
* ANSI 'C', C++
* Xlib, Xt, Motif, UIMX, XDesigner
* COM / DCOM, Microsoft Foundation Classes, OLE
* Tcl/Tk, Perl, UNIX Shell Programming
* Visual C++ / Visual BASIC

* Operating Systems
* UNIX (SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, XENIX, ULTRIX, Linux)
* Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista

* Standards
* ISO 9000

* Technical Documentation

* Projects and Assignments

OMNIMA Systems, Inc. has both internal and a network of, highly skilled and experienced software and hardware engineers, who have successfully executed many challenging projects and assignments for the leading names in the computer and other industries. A partial list is as follows.

* Abbott Laboratories
* Apple Inc.
* Consilium Inc.
* Credence Systems Corporation
* Cisco Systems, Inc.
* Hewlett-Packard Company
* Hindustan Petroleum Corporation
* KnowledgeWare Inc.
* Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
* MuscleFish
* Open Management Software, Inc.
* Pragati Electricals
* Price Waterhouse
* SunSoft / Sun Microsystems, Inc.
* Symantec
* Taligent, Inc.

* Services

We also provide short-term and long-term consulting services at competitive rates. OMNIMA Systems, Inc. has established a network of experienced skilled consultants and specialists in the computer world to get the results you expect in a cost effective and timely manner.

* Employment and Career Opportunities

OMNIMA is a premier organization in software engineering. With the wide array of assignments, we constantly provide you opportunity to work on exciting projects and learn and use leading edge technology. We provide excellent salaries and benefits that match or surpass those of the leading computer companies. If you enjoy working closely with clients and contributing to their success and have at least three years experience in any of the above fields, then send us your ASCII resume. We would like to talk to you!

OMNIMA Systems, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

OMNIMA Systems, Inc.
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